Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Roadwork Coming Your Way

There will be a lot of overlay road projects happening within the next few months. This is the "stimulus" money - you know, the money that was voted on, oh like a year ago. Anyway, no idea how many jobs were "saved", but here's a heads up on where the work is going to be.

The following include pedestrian ramp upgrades:

Overland from Five Mile to Maple Grove
Fairview from Milwaukee to Cole
Franklin from Five Mile to Maple Grove

Cloverdale from McMillan to Savage Dr
Ustick from Meridian to Locust Grove
McMillan from Locust Grove to Eagle
Meridian from Ustick to Lava Falls

The following are Thin Lift Overlays which will lay a nice surface on the existing roadway:

State from Pierce Park to Collister
Victory from Five Mile to Maple Grove
Orchard from I-84 to Overland

Ustick from Locust Grove to Leslie
Cloverdale from Camas to Franklin
Cloverdale from Ustick to Meadowwood Dr

Apple from Boise to Parkcenter
Lake Hazel from Cloverdale to Five Mile
Latah from Alpine to Americana

Franklin from McDermott to Black Cat
Boise from Gekeler to Apple
Ustick from Black Cat to Ten Mile

13th from Jefferson to State
Floating Feather from Edgewood Dr to Hwy 55
Lake Forest Dr from Quamash Way to Flax Place

And my personal favorite

Cole from Franklin to Fairview

I'm sure the traffic disruptions won't be too long and the result will be like driving on glass.


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