Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ITD Funding Same as ACHD!

I've been watching, with interest, the kerfuffle over the $70,000 PR groundbreaking expenses that the Idaho Transportation Department spent this last year or so. Apparently they used a "consultant" to great expense over their own PR apparatus to stage some of the more expensive groundbreakings. I was invited to the Vista groundbreaking but decided not to go, I mean how interesting would it have been? Now I regret not going - must have been some really good refreshments!

I was most struck by the numbers of PR staff ITD has and the cost of that department. They have 9.5 people and the budget is $640,000. Hey, it's just like ACHD. We have 7 people with a budget of $693,000. We're like the same!! Now the Idaho Department of Transportation does have a total budget of $511,666,100 with 1833.50 people. But, of course, that pales in comparison to ACHD's total budget of $77,700,000 with a total staff of 300 people.


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