Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Continuing Budget Saga

On January 27, 2010, the ACHD Commission will be reviewing the budget changes which come out of the first quarter (October - December 2009). We will be asked to accept a budget $1 million less than originally approved. Some projects are added and these are the major changes.

Original Capital Project Budget $ 37,400,000
EPCB Notes Payable ( 3,500,000)
Ten Mile, Franklin / Cherry Lane ( 2,500,000)
Maple Grove, Franklin / Fairview ( 370,000)
Franklin, Touchmark / Five Mile ( 500,000)
Eagle, Victory / Ridenbaugh Canal - construction 2,409,000
Victory and Eagle Intersection - construction 1,067,000
SH-44 / State / Ballantyne – r/w acquisition 713,000
Ten Mile, Old to New Overland - design 250,000
Pedestrian Countdown Heads 200,000
Various Adjustments 430,000
Proposed Capital Project Budget $ 35,599,000

The Ten Mile, Maple Grove and Franklin projects are still being accomplished just with less money.

What is annoying about the budget change is an addition of $13,000 to the PR budget which already is at $680,000. This is purportedly for blinking safety reflectors given out at schools and at the YMCA. I don't have a problem with giving out the blinkers, I have a problem with increasing a bloated PR budget even more. They seriously can't find savings of $13,000 out of $680,000?

I'll be bringing this item up at the meeting. We'll see how it goes. (I can surmise how it will go, as I'm sure you can, but let's inject some suspense here.)


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