Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Agree With Dick the Butcher

Yesterday, ACHD and Settler's Canal Co went before Judge Wilper. At issue was ACHD's motion to force Settler's to follow through on their acceptance of a settlement agreement to end the lawsuit that has been filed and counterfiled by each party against each other. ACHD lost the motion.

This dates back to the construction of the Maple Grove Rd extension - it's been what? 4-5 years?

You know, it doesn't much matter what the issues are in this whole talkfest. Oh they're important to be sure, but what has become apparent is the colossal waste of money spent on lawyers.

Literally millions in legal fees have been spent on both sides, and guess who's pockets they come out of? Pity those poor souls who live in both Ada County and the Settler's Canal Irrigation assessment area. They get to pay both sides of the lawsuit - they're suing themselves and countersuing themselves and defending against themselves.

So now we go to trial in June 2010 unless something happens and those from both sides realize that spending legal fees is ridiculous. Unfortunately, or fortunately for the lawyers, spending other people's money on legal fees is easy for the boards of Settler's and ACHD.

We had a settlement agreement. Both sides should accept it, sign it, get over the bad feelings and move on. If we can't do what Dick the Butcher recommended, at least we can do that.


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