Monday, November 16, 2009

Fairmeadow Redux

UPDATE: It does pay to persevere. The ACHD Commission went with the neighborhoods recommendation (see below).

In March, Winco wished to get permission to expand their store at Fairview and Milwaukee. At the time, ACHD staff (for the 3rd time) wanted to have Winco's parking lot drain to Fairmeadow St. instead of Fairview Ave. The neighborhood (for the third time) rose up and defeated that idea.

But what the neighbors also said was that there is a lot of cut through traffic which goes from Fairview to Maple Grove via Fairmeadow St. The neighborhood wanted to make that cut through less easy. In fact, the original staff report stated that there would be stop signs placed along Fairmeadow.

Well, here we are in November, 8 months later, and we are still talking about where the stop signs should go. There was a meeting in August between the neighborhood and the ACHD staff at which the neighborhood unanimously voted on installing 4 way stop signs at Fairmeadow &
Stonehaven AND at Fairmeadow & Wilmington and 2 way stops at Fairmeadow &
Springhurst AND at Camden & Middlefield.

The staff is trying to avoid stopping Fairmeadow at either Stonehaven or Wilmington. The neighborhood feels these are the most crucial stop signs to solving the traffic problems in the Fairmont Park Subdivision.

The ACHD meeting on November 18 has this item on the agenda. The neighborhood should be out in full force which is a shame, because this issue should have been resolved much earlier and without the commission having to intervene.

We need to get to a point in government when the citizens don't have to continually feel they must be ever vigilant - that when a decision is made, the decision is implemented.


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