Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nampa to raise taxes in a recession

So we see today that Nampa is going to not only raise the property tax rate by collecting the same amount of property tax dollars as last year - they are also going to increase that by 3%.

Nampa's assessed values have fallen an average of 20%. Industrial vacancies in Nampa are 17%, office vacancies are at 18% and retail vacancies are over 18%. That many vacancies means a lot of businesses have gone away which leads to loss of jobs.

And we see that:

Canyon County unemployment in May was 10.9%, in June it went to 12.2%. 1 in 8 unemployed Idahoans reside in Canyon County.

And the reason for this increase in property tax? "Nampa traditionally has taken that 3%," Mayor Tom Dale said. Oh well, if it's tradition. A 2.5% decrease in the general fund has led to a "bare bones budget" said Finance Director Vikki Chandler.

I'm sure glad I don't live or own property in Nampa.


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