Monday, June 29, 2009

Shamrocks Are Not Always Lucky

In reviewing my ACHD correspondence this week, I was surprised to find a copy of a letter that went out to some Shamrock St neighbors. A few weeks ago we received letters from a large number of people who were opposed to the opening of Shamrock from Ustick north to McMillan. It was very strange since the letters were all dated in March and April, yet did not arrive at ACHD until 2 months later.

We've been down this road before (a little highway humor there). You can read all about it here.

The surprising thing about the ACHD response letter was that it appears that the issue is lurking once again - this for a project that is not even in the 5 year work plan.

There is some good news however. ACHD staff has informed the letter writers that the issue will first go before the Boise City Council for a decision on the configuration, including no change, and then, and only then, will come to the ACHD Commission. There is no date scheduled for such a meeting.

Sure would have been a little less disconcerting if the staff member had bothered to run his/her letter by the Commission, but on this Shamrock project it seems they don't feel we should have any input. If we had, I would have told the staff to just acknowledge the letter and say at this point in time the project is nowhere. But hey, I'm just an elected official of an organization whose commission would rather not supervise its employees.


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