Thursday, May 27, 2010

Unused Property

ACHD owns a lot of property in Ada County. It was acquired over the years, and is still being acquired, when roads were widened. Much of it is not needed for future rights of way. ACHD staff is working through this inventory and is slowly but surely assessing which properties are surplus, which will be appraised and which will be offered for sale in the near future. However, there are a lot of property records to go through and clean up.

Later this summer, 8 more properties will be offered at auction and if they are not successfully sold, then they will continue to be on the market.

This still leaves a lot of property. If you are interested in a piece of land and find that ACHD owns it, you can accelerate the surplussing process by calling Chanon Romo, our Supervisor of Right of Way at 387-6275. Chanon also is in charge of leasing our property as well. There are many houses and office spaces which could be leased at very competitive prices. And every property sold or leased returns dollars to the taxpayers so it's in everyone's best interests to move on this area.

ACHD has a lot of vacant parcels, some big and some small. Many have access to water. Wouldn't it be great if they could be used as community gardens? ACHD has to maintain these parcels to keep them looking nice or at least decent. How much nicer would they look if they were used to grow vegetables and flowers. If you wish to pursue this idea, give me a call at 866-4068 or e-mail me at


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