Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In case you don't get the Wall St Journal

This was an ad in the Wall St Journal today and I found it so good that I thought I'd share it with you.

"Thoughtful Americans – people of common sense and good will – know exactly what is going on today in American Politics.

Whether or not the proposed absurd, onerous tax penalties are eventually signed into law, we share the outrage you must feel for the utter hypocrisy, heavy handedness, and pure idiocy of our elected officials. There is nothing new about the concept of politicians identifying scapegoats to divert attention from their own ineptness, but they have now taken it to a preposterous level.

These polished, practiced hypocrites, aided by the media, are staging a vicious charade aimed at stirring anger amongst a naturally vindictive, vocal segment of our population – either oblivious or non-caring of the impact of this furor on you and your families.

• We have a permanently unpopular and irreparably out-of-touch Congress – both Republicans and Democrats – shamelessly pandering to an uninformed electorate – wasting taxpayer dollars treating private citizen CEOs like convicted felons – investigating everyone but themselves. It was they who passed legislation promoting sub prime mortgages and the latest ‘stimulus’ package which provided for the bonuses.

• We have a populist President – in his own words – “channeling our anger in a constructive way”. His idea of “constructive” demeans his role as the leader of all Americans – specifically: his unnecessary divisive remarks that treat all people of wealth as greedy; his broadside attacks on excessive executive compensation as if all CEOs in Corporate America are overpaid; his sweeping, counterproductive vilification of Wall Street’s “excessive greed” – combined with his terribly misguided advice to young folks not to pursue careers there; and, his constant, classless whining about the mess he inherited and his predecessor’s mistakes. He says he is angry about all of the above, yet sees no problem in incurring the wrath of sensible Americans by running up trillion dollar deficits.

• And, no surprise, the New York and Connecticut State Attorney Generals are now piling on – issuing subpoenas.

• We are appalled that, before our very eyes, they are systematically demeaning and dismantling America’s financial services sector – a proven facilitator of wealth and job creation. This national asset, with all of its flaws, is irrefutably the very best in the world.

Elections have consequences – but caring Americans, regardless of their ideology, must not remain silent on the sidelines and allow this lunacy to continue.

• The bonuses in question were voted by Congress and signed into law by the sitting President.

• Retroactive use of the tax code to punish any private citizen is an absurd, vindictive, small minded act by political hacks!!

• The money legally belongs to the bonus recipients regardless of their role in AIG. What’s done is done – let’s all move on to address real issues: the deficit, jobs, and economic prosperity!

For the sake of your own dignity and out of respect for your Country, do not succumb to this insanity which, if allowed to prevail, will most certainly propagate the lawless power of our Federal government.

A special message to bonus recipients: If after reading this, you are still overcome with guilt – please don’t give the money back to proven, profligate spenders – donate it to a useful charitable cause.

By the way, the ad writer/funder doesn’t seem to be an AIG refugee but “a small business owner who started my career 52 years ago with nothing but a $500 used car loan and a pop up toaster and proudly, as part of Corporate America, created jobs around the world and wealth for my family.”"


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